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At Ipswich Karate, we teach karate from a world class instructor, at an incredibly convenient location with fantastic facilities and still charge some of the lowest fees around. We understand the expences that families face, so our fees are  family friendly. We do not ask anyone to sign contracts or use finance companies to direct debit your bank account as some other martial arts clubs do.

Your first lesson is free (during first week of every month) 

For this lesson, you can wear comfortable shorts and t-shirt or track suit type of clothing.

Fee Structure
Individual=$60 per month.
Family  2=$100/month, Family 3=$140/month
All fees paid in advance at the beginning of each month.

Club Membership

This is included in your monthly fees and includes JKA national and international membership and sports insurance for the student.

We accept cash or direct deposit. Please contact us for details.

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How can I get answers to some questions that I have?

Please contact us by phone, email, txt or facebook. Don't be shy, there's no such thing as a silly question. I have answered more questions than you could imagine over the years.


Do I need a karate uniform?

Your uniform is called a Gi. A t-shirt and lose shorts are fine for your first couple of lessons. If you do decide to continue learning karate, you will need to get a Gi. Sensei can organise this for you. Prices will be around $70 including embroidery for the beginner.


How long does it take to get to black belt?

That depends on your commitment to learning, your understanding of what is required and how many lessons you attend. Generally it takes somewhere between 4 - 5 years.


Do I have to learn Japanese?

No, but with time you will learn the names for most techniques in Japanese. Click on this link for more of the terminology used in class.


How far can I go in achievement and ranking at Ipswich Karate?

We have many students who have done very well in state, national and international competition. We also have access to our Australian and Japanese chief instructors so therefore your path forward is limited only by how hard you train.


Do I have to fight anyone or will I get hurt?

No, not at all. Safety comes first. We train together in a spirit of mutual respect and do not train on a full contact basis.


Can I compete in tournaments?

If you wish to participate in tournaments, we will support you and give you the appropriate training. Again, safety is number one priority.


Can I do karate? I'm not very athletic!

Karate is learned at your own pace. You can work as hard or as easy as you want to. As you go along, you will become more flexible and find muscles you never knew existed. It is normal to be a little bit sore after your first couple of lessons but stretching will help you through this.


Am I too old or too young to learn karate?

We can start teaching you from as young as 5 and there is no limit after that to how old you are. Many parents start training with their children. Many single people who are just looking for some fitness and a challenge also join.


When will I be ready to use karate if I have too?

If you have to use karate to defend yourself, you will be able to use what you have learnt straight away. In your first lesson you will be taught how to punch, block and kick. The idea of self defence is to stop your attacker so that you can get away as safely as possible.


How many belts are there and what order do they go in?

White - 10th Kyu

White/Yellow - 9th Kyu
Yellow - 8th Kyu
Orange - 7th Kyu
Green - 6th Kyu
Blue - 5th Kyu
Purple - 4th Kyu
Brown - 3rd Kyu
Brown - 2nd Kyu
Brown - 1st Kyu
Black belt - 1st Dan

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